Brain Canaday

Brian Canaday - Drums. Because good drummers do not have to ride in the back seat.

Ronnie Able

Ronnie Able - Singing, Bass. Because every longetivity band has a soul, and this man is it.

Jimmy Polston

Jimmy Polston - Guitar. Because hellacious electric guitar is still a thing.

Ray Tomasino

Ray Tomasino - Singing, Guitar, Gizmos. Because two are better than one, and when you have one this good then we have a winner!

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Bounty Hunter™

“The First and Still Kickin'”
Established May 22, 1982

Featuring former touring members of
The Danny Joe Brown Band

Official site on The Web for South Carolina's rock 'n' roll sons Bounty Hunter™. Authentic classic electric guitar rock, southern rock, acid rock, original Bounty Hunter music. "Ol' Pro Die-Hard Rock Band-Telepaths Lookin' Good Doin' It."

Bounty Hunter Show Dates & Times March-Sept 2018

All shows listed are free admission unless otherwise noted. *Listings subject to change.







The Band

The band consists of lead vocalist/bassist Ronnie Able (Danny Joe Brown Band, Jimmy Van Zant, High Velocity), drummer Brian Canaday (Winston Slade, Steel Rail Express, Josie's Wail), and the dual guitar attack of Savannah lead vocalist / guitarist Ray Tomasino (Black Oak Arkansas, High Velocity, The Twinz, Medusa) and Charleston tactical guitarist Jimmy Polston (Danny Joe Brown Band, Railgun 526, Moist Executive, The Ebolans).

The Crew

Sound & Stage Crew: Robert G. Bisbee, Tim Fernandez

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Bounty Hunter™ — "The First and Still Kickin'" — is a rock band from South Carolina, USA.

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